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omar faruk
Aug 01, 2022
In General Discussions
Although there are indeed employers who want to work steadily, I have always believed that if everything is done in a strict manner, and it doesn't matter who does it, then it is not necessary to find you. It was my honor to participate in the forum activity of "Convention and Tourism Drives Local Creation Forum - Welcome the First Year of Local Creation in 2019" organized by China International Convention and Exhibition Association on March 8, 2019. When we arrived at the scene, we fully felt the lively atmosphere. The banquet hall of Regent Hotel was crowded with more than 200 participants. According to Su Chengtian, Chairman of the Convention and Exhibition Association, in whatsapp database addition to the participation of local governments, there are also many seniors and advanced players in the tourism industry who care about the exhibition industry and the local creation that the government has vigorously promoted in 2019. However, the chairman also admitted that more than half of the participating guests were sent by local governments (even township offices) to participate, and they were also faced with the loss of local population, the gradual decline of local industrial economy, and the creation of local policies. primary area. I extracted the following three-page brief from the National Development Council's "National Strategic Plan for Local Creation" (which can be downloaded from the National Development Council's website) to give readers an overview of why we are doing local creation. Taiwan has always been one of the few countries in East Asia that has taken the lead in economic development. Perhaps our economic development and the income of our people are not as good as those of Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong and Singapore, but our glorious achievements in the past are still vivid in our minds.
Which Eventually Led Japan to Speed Up the Annexation of Ryukyu in This  content media
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omar faruk

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